How Cole stayed the course

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t eat salad or raw vegetables. Even though my son did eat salad before we started the Paddison diet, he was no longer interested if he couldn’t have the Caesar salad he loved or the ranch dressing. I tried putting salt and fresh lemon on the salads and that worked a few times, but it was not going to work for the long haul. So, in order to follow the diet, I would throw the salads in my vitamix blender. I would use one or more combinations of romaine, spinach, kale, or cabbage (strong flavor so add small amount), and add other vegetables like carrots, cucumbers and celery. I didn’t use any fruits in the very beginning because I was concerned about the sugar from the fruit. I would add garlic and/or onion with a pinch of salt in it for their antimicrobial properties, and also to give it flavor. But if your child will not eat a smoothie made from vegetables and salad alone, then I would try adding a low glycemic fruit like berries, cantelope, or apple, to sweeten it up.

When you are trying to get your child to try something new, it is an advantage when they are young like Cole. You are almost always with them for meals, and they believe what you tell them. Young children often adopt the beliefs of their parents and want to follow your example. So I knew, if I believed diet was going to heal him, he would believe it too. And if I ate the right foods around him and didn’t tempt him with foods in the house that were unhealthy for his condition, then there was no way he couldn’t get better. And I have to say that it helped tremendously knowing Clint and others got well on the program. I thought if they could do it, we could do it too.

There were times that were difficult though. He was still a 5 ½ year old boy who had to be reminded why we were all eating such a strict diet. In order to keep him focused and motivated, I gave him small rewards for every 5 days he stayed true to his diet. I did that 3 or 4 times, and then he no longer needed rewards to keep him on track. My husband and I gave him lots of praise for sticking with it. Positive reinforcement gave him pride and helped build confidence in what he was doing.

It helped a lot when the diet started to expand on Day 6. We were starting to add foods he loved and that made all the difference. For example, day 6 we added black beans, day 8 lentils and day 11 we added brown rice. After Cole was on the diet for awhile, I would also bake something for him that I knew he would really enjoy when he went through those difficult times.

I want to say one last thing. I’ve often wondered if I had to do the Paddison Program by the book to have reversed my son’s condition. I mean, was it critical to do his program step by step? Of course I have no idea. I chose to follow his program this way because it was the way people were getting results, and I didn’t want to waste one minute of time. But if some of you can’t do his program step by right now, then I would advise at least using the foods on his list that he suggests and get started as soon as possible. Cutting out processed foods, all animal proteins, gluten and oils, would cut down on all those circulating antibodies that are being produced in response to these exact foods that irritate the gut. In general, if you start with a vegan diet, you are moving in the right direction. I would do that now, and then go read all about the Paddison Program when you are ready. His program is very easy to follow.